Tips for a Pet Friendly Tiny Home!

Tips for a Pet Friendly Tiny Home!

By TripswithPets

The tiny homes are one of the hottest trends in architecture and minimalist living right now. However, these small spaces can present challenges for pet parents. Luckily, you canhave the best of both worlds! Tiny homes can easily become pet friendly with minor tweaks. Here are some tips and tricks to create a more pet friendly environment.

Built-In Crate Space

Pet crates can be bulky and inconvenient in a normal size home, so it’s not surprising that pet parents can be hesitant about where to put them when moving into a tiny space. The key is to be creative in your space-saving plans so that your dog can still rest comfortably in your smaller surroundings. Consider placing the crate under seating such as a bench, under raised beds or perhaps even under the counters in the kitchen.

Space Saving Feeding Stations

Islands or low shelving spaces provide the perfect opportunity for alterations, with added openings or slots for food and water bowls to rest inside. Instead of using an island’s side storage area for hanging cooking utensils, you can use the bottom portion to create a permanent eating area for your pet. If you choose to install a low shelf near a storage area or in the kitchen, this is also an easy way to build that feeding space for your pets.

Collapsible Bowls

Collapsible bowls are the perfect alternative if you do not have enough space to leave out regular ones. These convenient bowls can expand for use and then collapse for easy storage. You can easily use them as you need them, clean them, and then store them till the next meal!

Indoor Entertainment

If you have cats, an easy way to keep them entertained indoors is to add a small shelving ladder on an empty wall for them to climb. You can even build a catwalk in a loft space if you have one. Your felines will be able to play and explore all day without you having to purchase space-consuming climbing posts or leaving tons of toys laying around.

Enclosed Porch Space

Building a fenced-in porch space, accessible for pets through a doggy door, is an easy way to let your furry family members get some fresh air without wandering too far from home. This space can also be enjoyable for their human companions! A porch area is a simple solution for a “yard” and can also provide fresh air for a tiny home.

Moving Privacy Gates

Installing sliding gates is more space-saving than trying to open gate doors in a small space. If you don’t want your pup to wander into the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen area during certain times of the day, these sliding gates will create a barrier without requiring an extra space for opening and closing the gate.

For those looking to have pets and a tiny home, these tips can be the start to showing you that you can! Tiny homes may seem inconvenient for pet parents, but they are just as suitable an environment for your pets as any other living space. Creativity with your tiny home will be the best solution for you and your pet!

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