Thinking Spring? Now’s the time!

Get ready for a new season of fun with these springing tips!

Get your Home Ready for Spring... Curb Appeal with Lasting impressions

Curb Appeal leaves Lasting impressions!

It’s not too early too start thinking about how you can improve the curb appeal of your home. Even though the official season hasn’t begun,  it is time to think spring! The weather will soon be more inviting, the birds will be chirping, and inspiration will be everywhere you look! Time to start thinking of packing away the heavier clothing and break out the bright, happy spring décor! Whether your home just needs some sprucing up (or a top to bottom overhaul) or you just some need some springtime motivation – here are some tips to help get you ready for a new season of fun!

Start with Spring Cleaning now that winter will be ending soon!

This is the time my wife and I get out those dusters, bring on the yellow gloves, and get ready to tackle that deep cleaning we’ve been putting off through the winter months. We tackle this together as a family. Typically we start the laundry, then we begin cleaning from the back of the house and move to the front. My wife and I work together! I’ll vacuum one room while she dusts, then we switch up! This way we are doing it together. We’ve helped our daughter  clean her home a time or two. She’s a single mom with three little girls. Well, I say little, 14, 11 and 10 years old. I guess they are not so little! We assign them a task like cleaning out the refrigerator. And, we’ll make it a family task. While one takes everything out of the refrigerator, the other will be cleaning the drawers. We don’t just say, clean your room! We do it together and give suggestions of how to keep it clean, while we are spring cleaning. We do go out with the old so we can make room for the new!!

A few more tips! Kitchen cabinets need to be organized and the deep freezer (If you have one) needs cleaning. Basements and attics should be on the list as well – you never know what memories you might come across. Open the windows, get those screens cleaned, and before you know it, your home will be fresh and spring like!


My wife and I have an outdoors areas that we enjoy during the spring time. When the kids come over they enjoy sitting out writing on the porch with chalk, reading their books and enjoying the cool outdoors.

First we’ll start with getting out the blower and blowing off all the leaves. Then, we’ll wash off all the pillows and cushions, dust the furniture and sweep off any left over dust or debris. We do have planting areas, so we’ll start prepping for the spring flowers. Adding some fresh potting soil, watering and loosing up the soil to get ready for seeding or planting. If you don’t have planter boxes you could use pots or other containers for planting. Or clean / tidy up the area to get ready for setting out your own stored away decor’! No patio? No Problem! You could setup a small area for an outdoors picnic with a blanket and basket. Go ahead and find that perfect spot and start prepping it for the spring!


Spring Into Action

With the winter weather and season almost behind us now, it is a great time to plan some activities that will get you and the family moving, inside the home and out. While Monday through Friday schedules tend to be hectic and tough to get things done, try each day to enjoy your home and the warmer spring weather. If the family dog is anxious to get out there and enjoy, take advantages of the longer days that are coming and consider a family walk. If there is a dog park nearby, even better. You can never plan too soon for spring!!


Staying at home is more our thing. Especially after a long work day.  Typically my wife and I will throw something on the grill and enjoy sitting outside in wonderful spring weather. If that ‘s your thing too, you could try some hot chocolate on the deck on a cool spring evening? Take time to enjoy the little things.

It is also a good time to get some outdoor exercise in. Check your local parks and recreation to see if there are any walking paths or trails you and your family might want to take advantage of. Think weekend hikes! Soon the trees will start to bloom, the flowers will start to bud – just the simple beauty of nature that we sometimes forget to notice during our busy days.

And don’t forget, if you’re ready to make a move, the spring market will be in full swing! Now get out there and get ready to enjoy the new season of fun! [The Weichert Way!]

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