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There Are  7 Most Peaceful Places To Go In Tennessee When You Need A Break From It All

We know Tennessee as one of the most beautiful states in the nation (although we may be biased), but sometimes the hustle and bustle of daily life gets to be a bit much. Whether you make your home in Memphis or Johnson City, live in the hills of Chattanooga or the plains of Jackson, it’s nice to get out and get away every once in awhile. These seven spots provide a perfect reprieve from what ails you and gives you a whole lot of priceless memories on the side.

Pulaski TN Rated (#6)

Pulaski has managed to retain its small town charm with antique shops and historic buildings dotting its downtown. We’d recommend pitching up for a good meal and a ring about town, before driving out into the countryside to ogle at the gorgeous homes and mansions tucked between the hills.