Are you selling during the dry season?

To a prospective homebuyer, curb appeal is of the upmost importance.

Unfortunately, drought conditions and water restrictions will cause a home’s landscaping to suffer, and this can really hurt your chances of impressing a buyer.  According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, fifty-three percent of the United States is currently in moderate to severe drought conditions, and with little relief in sight, maintaining your yard’s appeal may take a little bit of ingenuity.

HouseLogic contributor Lisa Kaplan Gordon offers us the following tips on how to keep your plants healthy in the driest seasons:

  • Move any container plants indoors or into the shade to avoid water evaporation in the direct sun.
  • Use “greywater” collected from your shower, bath or sink to water perennials, annuals and container plants.  Make sure to use biodegradable bath and dish soaps before collecting the water so that you do not harm any vegetation.  Never use greywater that contains bleach.
  • High-maintenance plants may require more water than is available under high water restrictions.  Consider replacing these plants with native ones more adept to the local climate.
  • Be mindful of the thickness of mulch you lay around shrubs and trees.  Roots will grow out of mulch that is over two to three inches thick which makes them more vulnerable to heat and sun.
  • Protect bulbs by covering them with three to four inches of cedar or other airy mulches.  This will help moderate the soil temperature and hold in valuable moisture.


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